Experts On Stage:  The Big Idea In Marketing
For Speakers and Coaching Professionals.

Executive Summary

Experts On Stage is a first of its kind affinity group that solves the  #1 challenge faced by speakers and coaching professionals, namely getting in front of the right people with a credibility building message that converts to sales.  We connect speakers with their ideal clients and customers using today’s technologies to meet consumers where they are both online and offline.

Members of Experts On Stage harness the power of an organizational system that allows them to:

  • Join a content distribution network with a reach of over 20 million people
  • Create credibility, trust and influence through quality content marketing
  • Automated lead generation including text messaging (service included) and email marketing integration
  • Local and worldwide lead generation
  • One-time investment – lifetime promotion (Limited availability)

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Spend time servicing clients not finding them!

Experts On Stage makes it possible for every speaker or coaching professional to increase their impact and increase their income in the process. Using a carefully integrated system of media and communications tools, plus a complete continuing education program, we assure that each of our members remain on the cutting edge of marketing and lead generation in the self-help education space.

Getting on board with Experts On Stage means you will reach your ideal clients with ease and create credibility, trust and influence in a way that converts them to willing buyers.  Below is a summary of our system for your convenience.

Creating Awareness

Creating awareness of your speaking and coaching business starts with tapping into targeted traffic sources who already have a desire for what you do.  We offer our Experts On Stage members two primary ways to get in front of the right people for their speaking, their products and their services.

First, we offer every member a professional, aesthetically pleasing speaker profile in our speaker bureau directory.  Your profile contains all the information a company, an organization or an event professional would need to evaluate you for their event needs.  We market your profile to the right people within those organizations so you can maximize your ability to land lucrative speaking opportunities.

One of the many things that distinguishes us from a traditional speakers bureau is that we do not take a share of your speaking fees.  Interested parties book their events directly with you and you keep all the revenue.

The second primary vehicle for promoting you is direct to your ideal client through our Internet television network on which has a reach of over 20 million viewers nationwide.  Your signature presentation, which we will guide you to create, will be featured on one or more of our five ROKU channels to maximize your ability to attract qualified leads.

Tell Your Story

Create credibility, trust and influence by being featured in your own storytelling TV show episode on Small Business CEO TV.  Have it shared with over 20 million viewers on our Roku TV channel and throughout our social media communities.

Use your TV show episode to direct clients, colleagues and other connections to the most important information about you, including your website, your Experts On Stage speaker profile, or anywhere else you would like for them to connect with you.  You’ll also be featured in our Small Business CEO member directory where other small business owners can watch your TV show and connect with you for collaboration on speaking engagements and other business opportunities.

Lead Generation Through SMS Text Messaging

Imagine speaking from the stage or on a webinar or even a telephone conference, and having everyone in attendance be able to to access your lead magnet(s), offers and products by simply texting a keyword to the shortcode we provide you.  That’s the way it works when you use our text messaging system at just a penny per message to distribute links to your provided lead generation page that collects lead contact information for personal or automated follow up.

Continuing Business and Marketing Education

Membership with Experts On Stage includes an ongoing business and marketing education course we call the “Virtual Expert Incubator”.  This course  allows speakers and coaching professionals to optimize the ability to monetize their expertise.  The course covers everything from creating multiple income streams from your talents to consistently reaching your ideal clients and customers using a multi-dimensional marketing approach that will fit any budget.  The course is updated as technology and strategies change so you always have the latest strategies available to grow your business.

Training And Your Online Course(s)

Access online courses in our Abundant Society learning center and feature your own in our premium learning center where you retain 100% of the profits (after payment processing fees are deducted).  Meet potential clients in our topical discussion groups where answering a few questions in the discussion can lead to high quality introductions to people who will buy your courses and coaching services.

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The Investment

Special Early Adopter Opportunity.

We are currently offering the first 5 members in each state the opportunity to acquire a lifetime membership to the organization for just a one time invest of $997.00.  The fee for lifetime membership is less than most of us pay for Facebook ads on a monthly basis but you get perpetual, multi-media and syndicated promotion of your business perpetually with no further investment.

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A personal note from our founder.

We are inviting you to become part of a technology movement that is positioning  subject matter experts who are paying attention for greater success than they’ve ever experienced before.  And, it’s doing it with less time, less energy and less money.  If you’re not participating in the new digital communications platforms that exist on the internet you may eventually be likened to a dinosaur or worse, you may become one.

We don’t want to see that happen to you which is why we created the Experts On Stage program.  Experts On Stage represents the perfect fusion between a speaker’s bureau, a content marketing system, and a public relations agency all working in harmony to assure you always put your best foot forward with potential clients, customers and other industry connections.

Be sure to get your head around this one.  You can’t afford not to position yourself to leverage this incredible opportunity.

Get Started Now!

You know you could use help with lead generation in your business and if you watched our video you also realize there’s nothing else out here like Experts On Stage to help you with it.  Now’s the time to get your questions answered and do something extraordinary to create momentum in your business.  Join Experts On Stage and get the leads flowing.

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